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What services does Precise Trading provide?

PTA provides stock alerts on potential moving stocks in the current session. Typically, stocks we suggest are stocks that can potentially move within 7 to 10 days


Who should use PTA?


Anyone who is serious about growing their portfolio both short-term and long-term

What is unique about PTA compared to other trade alert companies?

PTA uses several unique indicators to track price movement in real-time. This allows a subscriber to be ahead of the curve and come prepared to the market


How should beginners use the PTA website?


The best option for a beginner is to track stocks we suggest. Pick apart the trade to understand the reason for the movement. This will help you understand how we work and why we are picking the stock as a potential mover


How long does PTA recommend holding stocks?


PTA traders typically hold positions for 5 to 30 minutes depending on price movement and dollar/share


Does PTA guarantee picks?


Please refer to our disclaimer


Should I execute every stock PTA suggests?


Please refer to our disclaimer


When do you update your performance page?


PTA updates trades daily. Depending on when the active traders on the floor are closing


When do you close a position?


PTA traders typically close their position within 1 min to 30 minutes or when the price of the stock hits a designated hard stop


How are PTA scanners different from traditional scanners?

PTA uses over 70 indicators combined into multiple scanners that provide stock selection to suit your trading style and needs. Our software engineers, technical analysis, alongside our machine learning products, helps to ensure our clients are receiving the information on stock movement before it happens. Coordinate these stocks with your existing trading strategy will allow you to be profitable over time and stay consistent


What happens when I cancel my subscriptions with PTA?


You can cancel your subscription anytime at the My Account page on our website. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged again. You will continue to receive email and text alerts and have access to the dashboard until your current subscription expires

If you would like to continue, just log-in and renew the current subscription or select another subscription level


On what social media platforms does PTA place its trades ?


Yes, PTA stock pick alerts are posted on social media. Please follow us on these platforms to join the conversation, share knowledge, and get the best stock pick alerts for trading. (20 minute delay)

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